REPORT: A Theoretical Review of the Conceptualization and Articulation of Justice in Political Theory

This overview presents a discussion of the political questions which concern belonging and participation in society with particular attention to the issues pertaining to representation. It aims to contribute to an empirical inquiry to the questions surrounding justice undertaken in a particular historical conjuncture where the bases of stable co-existence in complex modern societies seem to be faced by a series of economic, social and political challenges.

REPORT: Economizing on Justice

The paper addresses the conceptualization and articulation of justice in dominant (neoclassical) economic theory, here denoted as economizing on justice. It traces the economizing on justice approach back to its origins and assesses it in light of challenges and criticism coming from other existing, but comparatively marginalized, traditions and authors within the discipline.

REPORT: Conceptualisation and articulation of justice: Justice in social theory

This deliverable outlines the conceptualization and articulation of justice in social theory. This deliverable will principally focus on sociological and anthropological theories that relate in one way or the other to philosophical reflections on justice and fairness. At the beginning of these disciplines’ developments, their founders were deeply interested in justice related issues, reflecting on legal, economic, social and interpersonal aspects of (in)justice and offering macro- and micro-level interpretations of causes and outcomes of (in)justice and (un) fairness.

REPORT: A theoretical review of the conceptualization and articulation of justice in legal theory

This report attempts to give an overview of justice in legal theory delineated by its purpose to explain non-lawyers how lawyers frame and perceive justice concerns in their discipline, to explicate the kind of screen through which law or lawyers approach justice issues. It therefore focuses on those legal disciplines where issues of justice are most salient, in order to provide an overview of “justice with a legal flavour”.

REPORT: Report on the European heritage of philosophical theorizing about justice

This report provides an introduction to the European heritage of philosophical theorizing about justice, including contemporary debates. A ‘philosophical’ approach to justice is one that takes normative questions seriously (broadly speaking, normative questions are questions about how the world ought to be). Since normative questions cannot be answered simply by collecting empirical evidence, they call for a rigorous approach which differs from that of empirical science.