Landscapes of Justice

The European Landscapes of Justice is a web application that constitutes a combination of a dissemination channel and a knowledge-generating platform. Via the European Landscapes of Justice, persons interested to bring in their personal experience, will have a chance to produce their own (personal) ‘landscape’ of justice by sharing their individual perceptions and experiences and to compare it against the position of others. The Landscapes contribute to personality development, sensibilisation (for my own human rights and the rights of others), empowerment  and solidarity with others. The Landscapes also give further information and advice, including information on different forms of discrimination, information webinars, links to discussion groups and social media, reading lists, Q&A sessions, etc. Other stakeholders (policy makers, members of judiciary, media producers, public officials, teachers, etc.) are encouraged to use the platform interactively to get to know the differentiated popular views on justice and get acquainted with ETHOS findings and evidence-based guidance to justice practitioners.

Leading partner: ETC; leading researcher: Klaus Starl


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No. 727112