Policy, guidance and dissemination (WP8)

This subproject provides guidance through innovative dissemination strategies of the research findings and information on their (policy) implications across the research community, policy makers at various levels (including the European level), the media, organisations representing the various groups suffering from injustice and/or advocating justice and the general public. Dissemination of ETHOS findings and communication with stakeholders takes place via social media, project newsletter, media briefings, conferences and seminars. The main ETHOS dissemination activity is the European Landscapes of Justice.

Lead Partner: ETC ; Lead Researcher Klaus Starl

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No. 727112


Report on the ‘European Landscape of Justice’ web app

This report is part of WP8 – Policy and Dissemination and acts as a follow-up and evaluation report of the Landscapes of Justice web app. The app was created as part of the overall dissemination strategy for ETHOS to on the one hand communicate (on) justice issues to the wider public, and on the other hand to disseminate project insights. D8.3 gives further insight into the development of the app.

Report: Media Handbook on Justice and Fairness

This Media Handbook is part of WP8 – Policy and Dissemination and acts as input for discussion for the final ETHOS conference, to be held in Graz, Austria in November 2019 together with media and policy stakeholders. The Media Handbook builds on insights from all previous content-related ETHOS studies and has the goal to distil and present information about justice and its framing in a manner relevant to media stakeholders.